Cosmetics / health

The life balance, nutrition and Provence produce has led to the emergence of the cosmetics/health sector.

The sciences include nutrition, the fight against aging, implantology, dermatology – cosmetology – the study of allergies and also fitness. These sectors are well represented by companies such as DIPTA, ESTHEDERM, DANIEL JOUVANCE, PHYTOMEDICA, DIETICA, CEGIPHARMA, FAUVERT, VITALIBIO…

The THERMES SEXTIUS is also part of the sector and besides the thermal therapies is also working on the implementation of a diet based on Mediterranean nutrition labelled products in partnership with the Chamber of Agriculture.

In the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region this sector is also structured around the Nice area (pharmaceuticals, biomedical and cosmetics industries) and Marseilles (biotechnologies, immunology and cancer treatment) and their internationally renowned hospitals.