Assistance and advices


The territory of Pays d’Aix offers financial assistance to companies wishing to establish or develop themselves under certain conditions (size of the company, commune located in, type of project…).

Pays d’Aix Développement manages the DAP (Dispositif d’Amorçage de Provence). This start-up fund is used to finance different steps (market study, technical studies, prototype development…) of a technologically innovative project prior to the creation of the company.
It is an honorary interest free loan of a maximum of 40,000 Euros, free of collateral and guarantees.

The role of Pays d’Aix Développement is to review and analyse projects with regards to their eligibility to benefit from existing programms and also to assist in obtaining any aid which may be entitled to by organises roundtables with the financial institutions that can provide finance.

Please consult us for information on selection criteria, applications and subsidy rates. These measures are subject to change.
We can provide information concerning aids for the creation or development of your company.

You can also consult us about aids for innovation.